Saturday, 21 January 2017

What I Learnt In Losing My Hair

Hair.  It seems so unimportant.  Yet to most of us the idea of losing our hair is terrifying.  Society tells us that luscious thick locks are the aim and for many people, people like me anyway, hair is vital tool for expression and creating your look.

Problem is, people like me also end up treating our hair sort of like a safety blanket.  After years of hiding behind it, my comfort blanket was snatched from me.  Much like I snatched away my daughters dummy, except for me there was no hair fairy leaving treats, just a shit haircut and a breeze around the ears.


So I thought I would share with you guys how I did in fact learn to live without my hair and did not die.

Step One, Despair and Self Loathing.

If you are someone who is attached to their hair I won't lie, there is no saviour.  It is going to be crappy, for the first 6 weeks my fat ass hid indoors with my less than an inch long shaved head.  The picture above was taken two months after the first initial cut.  Give it time, I promise.

Step Two Acceptance.

No I don't mean accepting you had a hair cut. I mean accepting the things you didn't like which caused you to hide behind hair in the first place.  For me it was a hump on my back which I had gained for medical problems (same reason I lost my hair funny enough), weight gain and a fat face.  Sometimes if you don't like something stop hiding it and fix it, and if you can't fix it just bloody accept it.

Step Three, Look on the Bright Side.

My hair wasn't great, I changed it so much I obviously didn't like it...or didn't like me.  Anyway it never solved the problem and left it feeling like crap.  Cutting it all off taught me firstly, I'm really not that ugly and secondly as previously established one does not need to hide under a lions main of extensions.  Not only is short hair time and money saving, but its given me a chance to really embrace it as a fresh start.  Growing out my natural colour and caring for it properly.  I no longer feel the need to dye it constantly and instead plan to take better time nurturing it and making sure I keep it nice.

Step Four, Not Really Giving a Shit.

So I still hate the haircut, I'm not gonna lie, but actually I care less.  I've learnt it's only hair, it doesn't define me as a person.  I don't want to be known as the girl who changed her hair all the time...because lets face it screams I AM INSECURE ABOUT MY IMAGE.  I've also learnt not to take it for granted.  Health is something that I haven't been blessed with at the moment, clearly.  So I suppose what I'm trying to say is own your hair, don't let your hair own you!

Losing my hair meant I had to come out of hiding and accept my flaws and approach self imagine in a different way.  As a result, in a stupid way, I respect myself more and I don't feel as insecure as I used do.

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