Saturday, 2 April 2016

My Bad Younique Experience and 3D Fibre Lashes Review

I feel like before I go ahead and pen this out it needs a disclaimer. Here it is.

I do not have anything against Younique or the people who sell it.  If you make good money this way and have a successful business I wish you the best in the future and hope it does well.  I love the charity work that the company does for abuse victims. The girl who sold me the product is am AMAZING friend of mine who was helpful and lovely through out. This is from my own personal experience and everyone's will differ.  This review is not a positive one,  In fact its pretty scathing.

I was so excited to try this product.  I brought it from a friend at a Younique make up party hosted by her where she could show and demonstrate all the different products.  It retails at £24 and is purchasable from local reps.  I had seen many amazing pictures of this being used and couldn't wait to get those results for myself.

As soon as I got home I rushed into the bathroom to try it on.  I was quite impressed.  Although my lashes didn't look as long as those in the pictures they were much thicker and fuller.  I found it was hard to put on but thought it would just take more practice.  overall, first impressions were SO good.

That didn't last long I am sad to say. I really desperately wanted to love this. I went to back to rep to tell her i was having increasing issues as every time i used this the fibres would fall into my eyes, it was actually quite painful.

 At this point I should probably explain quickly how this differs from usual mascara.  This contains two tubes.  One is a mascara like black gel, and the other is a bottle of teeny tiny dusty fluff like fibers.  When used together they bond to attach to your lashes to create a false lash look.

the 3D fibres that make this product different from others.

She advised me to tap of the excess fibres and roll the brush on the back of my hand to squish them into the brush before applying as this would help. It did... a bit,  Part of me is thinking "WHY are these instructions not on the bloody box?!"

Also this dried up very quickly, and when I asked on a facebook group full of reps they all basically tried selling me "rose water" to add to it to keep it fresh.  I paid a fair amount for the mascara already...I don't think so loves!

I wasn't very happy with the way I was spoken to in the group when I brought up these problems.  "the product MUST be fake" and "You are applying it wrong" was not what I expected when I reached out.  There was complete denial that I just might not be liking the product...naturally I am an idiot who doesn't know how to apply mascara or something,

I really didn't want to tell my friend I was kind of hating the product as I didn't want her to feel like I wasn't supporting her.  I would just like to add that my friend is a complete doll and was not offended at all by the way,

This where my problem lies with some reps though.  Some girls will take it offensively and personally if you say you don't like to product,  Because so many people, or their friends are trying to push these products I feel like there are SO many amazing reviews that aren't sincere and after some deep searching I did find out I am not alone in hating this product.

This is where it got real bad

Seeing as I didn't have any other Mascara, and not a lot of cash, I decided to keep using it and try to get used to it.  Long story short, some of the fibres got into my eye and badly scratched my cornea, I got conjunctivitis and had to have drops.  I was in pain for over a weak and couldn't wear eye make up.  Greaaat.  Trying to explain this to my Dr was just golden, I think he thought I was crazy and out write asked me why I was putting fluff near my eye and said "this sounds like a bad idea, I don't understand girls and these beauty treatments" 

So at this point I complain directly to the company telling them what happened and that I would possibly like my money back, They made it quite difficult, I didn't want to keep pestering my friend for an order number and In short didn't get my money back.

I asked them how they felt about the general safety of the product seeing as its very common for the fibres to fall into the eyes upon use, and the fact that it had hurt my eye...There was no comment, just sort of an "it is safe because its had tests" kind of thing. Paraphrasing of course.

I don't see how having TINY BITS OF FLUFF falling into your eyes every morning can be regarded as safe but what ever who am I to know?  

In my Opinion this is quite an expensive product, It was quite time consuming to apply, Very uncomfortable to apply and made applying my make up a complete chore, it took the fun out of it completely.  I felt like I got better results from cheaper high street brand mascaras.

I have never hated a make up product more in my entire life. Not only would I not recommend, I would advice against it.

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