Friday, 11 March 2016

Maybeline Coverstick Concealer Review

Lately I'm on the search for that perfect concealer, I suffer from dark under eyes from you know, being tired with two kids and being terrible about drinking enough water, So I picked up this little concealer stick from the beauty isle in my local Tesco for £3.99

I have only been able to find the second lightest shade, usually I would pick the lightest but this fits my pale skin quite well and gives that contoured highlighter effect look too.

As you can see it gives a good on my skin, who knew having freckles would come in handy like that?  I have been applying it over my foundation and blending it with a foundation brush and going over it with a light setting powder, over all I had happy with how it looks.  So this all sounds quite positive so far right?

There is just one HUGE MAJOR issue that ensures I will not be buying this product again.

It feels like applying a thin coat of play-dough do your face. 

It is very thick.  I don't think of my skin as being oily but this really made it feel caked on to the point where it was uncomfortable. Not only did it feel heavy on my face but it was oily to touch and made my face feel almost sweaty.  It isn't even summer yet and I really hate to think what even a small amount of this product will feel like in the summer.  On the plus side it is water proof and I can believe that as it feels very plasticy!

In conclusion I couldn't wait to get in the bath and wash this mess off my face.  This isn't a product I would personally recommend despite being well priced and actually doing the job i just feel like the texture is a complete deal breaker for me!

Got a concealer you love? let me know I could really do with some help!

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