Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tips for a long, strong and happy relationship

Weather your 15 or 55 relationships can be hard things to navigate, so I decided to put together a few tips of my own that have worked for me and I hope will work for you too.

Spend Time Apart

Sounds like the opposite of what you want to do but spending time apart is important.  I know especially when you are young you might feel lonely, jealous or pushed aside when your boyfriend or girlfriend says they are going out without you but I swear to god it is so important that you find time to do things with friends too.  Whilst being glued at the hip sounds romantic, its not healthy and if you do this eventually you will burn out your relationship and break up.


Referring to the above, you must trust your partner.  I once had a boyfriend who said "I'ts not you I don't trust, its other people"  Don't listen to that because if they trust you they will know you will tell other people to go away.  You don't want to be in a relationship with someone who goes down your messages ect.  If you don't trust each other don't waste time and move on.

Talk to each other.

Tell each other why your sad, when your angry, and let them know when you are happy.  Communication and talking is so important.  Remember its unfair to try and make people guess how you are feeling or when they have done something wrong.

Do things together

Don't just sit indoors or hand around doing the same old things all the time.  You need to create memories together, Plan some days out, try something new every now and then.

Mix things up a little.

If you have been together 5 years and nothing in your relationship has changed it wont last.  Things need to change and progress as time goes on.  make plans for the future, even if it is just a holiday.  If you have been together a few years perhaps its time to think about moving into your own place.  Set goals for your relationship and make dreams together for the future.

Don't rush things

If you having been together very long planning to move our or start family will cause chaos, if you have been together a while and cant do the things you want to do strait away remember you have a long time, work towards your goals together, save money, plan fun things to do  and keep it interesting.  Don't throw away all the fun parts of a new relationship before its even begun.

Be aware of the Honey Moon phase.

They say it takes between 3 to 6 months for this stage of a relationship to fade but basically when you first fall in love with someone its not really true love...its infatuation.  Your basically in a dream world were you can't see each others flaws,  You think each other are perfect and nothing can ever come between you, like your invincible in love. truth is in time this will ware off and you will take a step back and realize your not perfect and things will come between you.  Don't worry this is perfectly normal.

Prepare yourself for the bad times.

They will come, they come for us all.  Everyone has bad points in there relationship, one of you or both of you will screw up at some point but its down to you to decide what is work forgiving and what isn't.  It is also important to remember if you forgive your lover for something you must forget and move on and not use it against them in the future.

Got any other tips you would like to share? What has worked for you and what hasn't? Let us know in the comments bellow :) xx

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