Sunday, 18 October 2015

Life with Depression

As some of you may have seen I took a bit of a break from blogging recently and true reason to that is I have been suffering with a drop of depression recently.  I wanted to talk a little about how it feels to be depressed and I thought it would be interesting to do that whilst I am still suffering with it.  A lot of people know the general symptoms of being depressed but I wanted to talk more about how it makes the suffer feel and how it can effect your day to day life.
I also thought that someone might read this and know they not the only one out there who suffer with these things and they are not alone.

You can't find joy in the things you love

As I mentioned above I recently found it very hard to find the time or the want to blog.  I find it hard to do anything when I am depressed as I tend to have no ideas, feel very tired and lost.  Many things I usually enjoy suffer when I am like this,  My artwork, listening to music and socializing.  Most of the time I just look forward to getting back into bed or find myself stuck on the sofa just passing time.

Everything seems daunting.

I was recently giving a commission to draw up, I got it finished but then the person wanted some bits added to it and for some reason I feel scared to ask them exactly what they want and as a result left it until last moment to finish.  I also find myself getting very forgetful and sometimes a bit confused.

Going out also seems scary, where i used to meet friends on a Monday I have been to anxious to leave the house on my own.  Because its hard to get out and about you then can get really lonely.

It's hard to find motivation to do day to day things.

Sometimes even taking a bath or doing the housework can require incredible effort.  Especially when you are already feeling very tired.  The house work can wind me up a lot as I don't like living in a mess and often get really stressed out.

Low Self Esteem

This has to be one of the worst things for me.  I tend not to have the energy or motivation, or even the time to exercise when I am depressed and then on top of that I tend to eat when I feel sad wich obviously makes everything ten times worse.  I hate the way I look and generally feel horrible about myself when depression strikes

You get unwell.

When your feeling down, you get down.  Since i started feeling low I have had a chest infection, a cold, feeling sick, the lot.  Everything just seems to come and get you when you feel like you can't get any worse.

I thought if my life changed I would be happier.

But I was wrong.  I remember being in my tiny flat thinking that if I had a home I loved and more things to do I would be happy, and now I have that nothing has changed.  I still feel like I did before which goes to show anyone can get depression at any time.

What can you  do to help yourself when you have depression?

Talk to someone about how you are feeling weather it is a family member or a friend.  Make sure you have a good support network and people to pull you up when you get down.  Get friends to help you get out and about and encourage you do to things.

Even though its hard, force yourself to do little things that need to be done, just remember its okay if its not perfect or if you don't get it done.  Plod along with things at your own pace. just as long as you try and don't give up.

Find little things that make you happy.  Watch a film, read a book, light some candles and have a tea. Create a comfy atmosphere and relax.

Don't feel ashamed and keep telling yourself this will pass.

Have you ever suffered with depression? How did it make you feel? What did you do to make yourself feel better?

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  1. Awwh, im sorry for that you had depression. I've been in this too.. and it was exactly as you said , i didn't enjoy things i loved and i didn't have any motivation. I also did a break of blogging couple of times.. Hope you are ok now! xoxo