Monday, 21 September 2015

The Candleberry Co Rasberry Lemonade candle review.

There is a shop near me that I just love to browse.  Its one of those shops that smells like patchouli and sandalwood and sells everything from cute gift cards to amazing jewel encrusted ornaments and nic naks.  The lady who I assumes runs the place really seems to know her stuff about candles and pointed me towards these today and I must say picking a scent was really hard as they all smelled so amazing.  You can find these at
At first I wasn't blown away by the label.  I love the jars and the lid but I prefer a more clean cut simple lable however the witchy-countryness of it has grown on me.  These come is small 10 oz jars, standard 26oz jars and Wopping great huge "Cookie" jars which just look amazing.  I love the way some of the candles like the red velvet cake for example have two different colour wax's in them.

This one is Raspberry Lemonade which has a sweet, crisp citrus smell to it and is quite punchy.  When lit the raspberry scent comes into play a little more giving off a sweet fresh scent that is lovely and fruity.  Now my house has very high ceilings and a long lounge diner yet this little candle has filled the whole room with its beautiful smell so it is small and mighty!

This small candle has a 40-60 hour burn time on it which is amazing.  It is a very clean burning candle I have noticed no black mess around the edge of the glass like you get with Yankee candles and no black wifts of smoke either.  The entire top wax has melted leaving no waxy residue on the glass.

Over all I am totally in love with these candles and will 100% be going back to get some more.  I know the Vanilla Crumble Cake smell was to die for so that might be the next one on my list.  Have you tried Candleberry before or do you have a favorite candle?  Share bellow in the comments and let me know :)


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