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School anxiety: What scared me in school

School anxiety from young people is something I here about all the time, whether it is in the media or from people I know.  Its been a long time since I was in school but I still very much remember things that made me anxious. I remember a lot of the time being told these things were silly but they turned out to be things that shape how I behave as an adult.  I still remember how those "Back to School" signs made my tummy do flips.

I wanted to take the time and share some of my own school experiences, tell you they are not silly and how you can deal with them.  These are just things that used to upset me, you might find some of these similar or you might have different experiences, if you do please share them in the comments at the end of the article :)

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School Anxieties I Remember

Physical Education
I could have been a person who enjoyed P.E.  I wasn't the best at most of it but some of it I could have enjoyed but something made me nervous.  That something was getting dressed and undressed for it.  Some days I would manage to put my P.E Kit on under my normal uniform to save time but getting dressed was an issue.  Why? Because sometimes it would make us late for the next lesson and this upset me because the next teacher would then be cross and sometimes I would get into trouble.  I wasn't the fasted person at getting dressed and It didn't help I would panic too.

Now I am older I look back, and although I understand that it is frustrating when a teacher cant start a lesson on time it is not the students fault, especially when the PE teacher made us run late.

If this is something that makes you nervous I completely understand but be assured its not silly and its not your fault.

I'm not sure teachers realize how much homework you get from other lessons.  I think they set far too much.  I remember getting homework and working at it from the moment I got home to the moment I went to bed.  I think there should be a limit on how much homework is set.  If you are struggling with homework don't feel scared to take the time and speak to teachers about  this.

I know sometimes its easy to brush it away and not do it.  I used to get so nervous about homework sometimes I couldn't face it.  If you are doing this make sure you try to explain to people that you are not doing it to be lazy, but instead having trouble facing it as it is causing you anxiety.

Forgetting Stationary, uniform books ect.
Now I am an adult, looking back this makes me cross.  I remember getting told off, and possibly getting detention for forgetting to bring a pencil to a lesson...In my opinion this is SO stupid.  What are they trying to prepare you for? In the real world if you forgot a pen for work its fine...nothing bad happens.

It can be easy to forget books and bits and bobs when you have to change your school bag for different lessons each day, teachers should be more understanding of this from young people, especially when school is already giving then enough anxiety as it is.

I remember once I was in such a rush I forgot my school tie.  I spent all day getting singled out by teachers and eventually got a detention for it...and what did I learn from that? Nothing because it was a mistake.

My advice would be to set up some drawers to put your books in when you get home, maybe buy some cute stationary and a funky planner to help you remember these things.

Not understanding something and teachers attitudesI used to have a maths teacher who made me scared of maths.  I found maths really hard and at one point he asked me if I was stupid and often told people to put their hands down when they obviously needed help.

This is flat out wrong and a member of staff should never ever do this.  If you need help they should give it no matter how many times you need it.  Some people have weaknesses and not everyone can be good at everything.  If you are ever called stupid or yelled at for not understanding go and speak to another member of staff and make sure something gets done about it.  No teacher should EVER treat students like that and I hope to god no one ever treats my children like that.

TestsI hated tests.  One of my worst fears what that when we all read out our results or the teacher read them out mine would be terrible and people would laugh or think badly about it.  If you are really scared of this ask the teacher not to made you, or themselves read it out loud.  A teacher must respect this.

Also there is no need to be scared of tests themselves and if you are told off for doing badly in a test remember it is not your fault if you are trying your best and still fail.  Not everyone can be good at everything and a test is not a measure of your self worth.

Performing in front of a crowdI hated reading out presentations or doing lone productions. I didn't mind being part of a group but I had a friend who would miss days off school if there was a presentation and miss valuable parts of other lessons.  I think if it scares you that badly to the point were you become extremely stressed or anxious you should not be forced to do it.  Having said that I do  think it is very important  you try and there will be many times in your adult life you may need to speak up, for example and interview or a meeting.

These are just a few of the things I remember scaring me in school.  I would really love you to share with me your experiences and I will try my best to give advice, or if you have any advice of your own please feel free share it

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