Friday, 25 September 2015

Purple and red make up tutorial

With Halloween coming up I think now is the perfect time to dabble around with some more daring and dark colours. If your a dark and daring person you could wear this look around with ease but I think this would make perfect eye make up to accompany a whole host of costumes this Halloween.

Keep reading for instructions on how to achieve this look! :)

Lipstick: Sleek - Mullberry

Start off by setting a base using a mid toned warm tan/brown above the eyelid

Place a vibrant red in the center of the eyelid and blend up into the brown

Add Purple to the iner corner and outer corner and blend across the red.  Place purple on the bottom eyelid.

Add black in the inner and outer corners, the crease and a little at the bottom on the outer corner.  This will deepen the colour and add depth to the look.

Lastly add pencil eyeliner along the lash line, make a small point in the inner corner and a larger flick in the outer corner.  Add your lashes or mascara and team with a dark lipstick and your done!

I'd love to hear your feed back for this look and if you try it out please let me know!


  1. Absolutely love this, not sure I could pull it off but I'll be giving it a try!
    charlotte //

  2. Faye! This is amazing and seriously you are so damn beautiful! I adore the gothic/vampy vibe but yet still has a nice amount of colour in it!