Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Going back to natural hair after years of bright colours and why

I've had my hair a rainbow of different colours, just a few are above that I could find pictures off and I am sure I am not done yet but at the moment I have opted for a break and here are some of the reasons why and things to consider if you are thinking of having bright hair yourself.

Now I'm a parent im sick of being judged.  Because I have blue hair must mean im on benefits or on my own or something, even if I was so what? But I'm fed up of having judgement passed on me for it.  the colour of my hair does not equal my self worth.  Its not attention seeking either, I do this for me, no one else.

I don't have the time to dye it every other time I wash it to keep it looking presentable.  I don't have time for the upkeep now after having my second baby so its natural for now.

It ruins my bedding, towels and even some of my clothes.

You can't wear some clothing and make up colours with certain hair colours, it just clashes and looks bad.

I will miss having bright hair im sure but right now I just need a rest from it as it is a lot of work.  I'm sure I will find other ways of jazzing it up.

But here I am in all my natural brown hairyness. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I definitely think my skin and make up look nicer this way I just don't think it will be long before i am bored of it.  Its boring! Boring but easy I guess.


  1. this is great I really love this colour and your hair is gorgeous! xx

  2. I think you look gorgeous, but agree with you coloured hair is alot of work, although I am attempting to go dark grey at the ripe ol age of 42, thanks for you tutorial about going grey, i have bought your suggested product and am quite exited to give it a whirl! Enjoy your 2 kiddies!