Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Autumn Activity, A Walk in the Woods

As the weather gets cooler people tend to think that means staying indoors but I think autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of year.  If your struggling to think of things to do with your children now the summer holidays are up look no further than my upcoming autumn activities list.

So the other day we went for a walk in the woods which sounds pretty self explanatory but there is plenty to look  for this time of year with children, Its so easy to set up a little nature hunt and educational too!

So its not quite Conker season yet but we still crossed it off our list.  We may not have found any proper conkers but we did find some unripe ones which we opened up to have a look at and we all now know what an unripe conker looks like.  jolly good.

Although we missed out on conkers however there were plenty of acorns about so we set violet the task of finding an acorn with its "hat" still on.

When I was kid I remember seeing a toadstool that must have been about 6 inches in size, I was hoping to see something like that on our trip but we did find lots of these little clusters on logs and had a chat about how we don't touch mushrooms we don't know about because they can make us very poorly.

Violet had fun looking at all the different shaped and coloured leaves in the woods, we ended up with a little collection to look at and talk about.

There was also some logs to play on, not sure who enjoyed that most, Daddy or Violet/

And also this little fella loved his leaf apparently.

So thats all from our lovely day out in the woods.  The kids always enjoy the fresh air and it tires them out for bedtime which is perfect if you ask me.

Here are some ideas and things to look out for on your woodland walk

Creepy crawlies
Different leaves

If anyone has any other ideas and things to look for and try out please let us know!

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