Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tight crazy curls tutorial

hey everyone! I decided to try something new today as I was curious to see what I looked like with super curly hair and I wish I could keep my hair like this all the time, I love it! If you want to know how to achieve this look keep reading.

What you need to do now is to take the pencil and wrap a hair no more than half  to a third of an inch wide around the pencil.  Now take your hair straighteners and apply them over the hair as it is wrapped around,

Once you have done that gently pull the pencil out from the twist of hair and you should be left with a tight corkscrew curl like this.

Once you have done your whole head gently pull apart and separate the curls with your fingers, lift and mess your hair up a bit to give it some volume and then sit back and admire your bland new hairstyle! Its as easy as that!

Do you have a way you like to curl your hair? or have you given this a go? post your blog links so i can check it out or just drop some chit chat in the comments below! 

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