Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Things you can save money on when having a baby

Firstly I just want to point out all this is through personal experience of my own and all advice is my own. I have two babies and definitely learned with with my first that I did differently with my second and thought I would share them with you.

Feeding baby
This is probably an obvious one but if you can, Breast feed.  Baby milk is expensive at £10 a tub and you may find yourself going through a pot and a half in a week.  Unfortunately for myself this wasn't a choice for me but don't worry there are other ways to save.

When it comes to feeding baby real food, If you are thinking about starting on baby jars, don't.  Instead make your own from two or three ingredients and freeze in ice cube trays.  Cheaper, healthier and lasts longer too!

Baby Bottles
I would recommend buying a pack of recommended baby bottles like Avent for example just  in case you have a fussy baby or a baby with colic. But if I learned anything about bottles with my two its that the cheaper bottles are just as good.  You don't have to spend out on bottles, in fact my daughter found the 3 for £1 ones from Tesco easier to feed from.  Don't be afraid to peruse ebay for a better deal. (and some funky bottles)  Remember to check all bottles and clean thoroughly before feeding baby, even if they are brand new.

Moses baskets, Cribs and Cots.
I believe spending out on a moses basket or a small rocking crib can be a waste of money as they are not in them 5 minutes! Don't be afraid to purchase something like this second hand.
Also a cot is a cot.  Avoid those with wide gaps and weak thin bars as I worry it would break but you can pick up a good second hand strong cot second hand.  I paid about £30 for my cot second hand, it has done both my babies and I will probably be able to sell it for the same price.  Bargains all around.

When I had my daughter I made the mistake of going out and buying an expensive brand new high chair.  I spent around £100 on what is a essentially and eating seat.  It broke after a while of being constantly folded and hidden away. It was HUGE and HEAVY. Now I'd be lying if i said I hadn't been looking at the Cosatto 3sixti but the truth is you dont need to spend the earth on a chair for your child to eat in.  Don't be afraid to pick one up second hand.

Baby Clothes

Obviously its really nice to go out and buy your own baby clothes but dont forget they arn't in then 5 minutes, most of the outfits probably won't even get worn they grow so quickly.  Pick up a few second hand bits to pack out babies wardrobe.  Don't be ashamed to brows charity shops, selling sights and accept hand me downs. You can get some real lovely bits for a fraction of the price.

Nappies and Diapers
There are so many brands of nappies out there you are bound to find the right one for you and your baby, but it doesn't have to be one of the expensive brands.  I found Asda little angels and Lidl Tojours both really good and for half the price, in fact I didn't get on with the more expensive brand Pampers.

If your feeling particularly super momsy you can invest in some cloth nappies. I will be making a post about these soon and talking a little bit more on how to use them.
I brought this lot of ebay *here*

Baby toy bundles/bouncers ect.
Its mega important whether you buy toys new or second hand that you check all parts are unbroken and safe.  Baby play mats and baby chairs can be found cheaply in second hand shops and online. As they can grow out of them pretty quickly.

If there is anything else you can think of that I haven't added to this list that you think you can save money on please tell so in the comments bellow :)

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