Sunday, 9 August 2015

Outfit of the day and weightloss

Hey everyone I just wanted to share my outfit today as its not something I would usually wear and the outfit has been sitting in my closet since I brought it unworn because I felt like someone of my size couldn't wear it.

I have been dieting now since i fell pregnant to try and better my health after I started to experience chronic footp ain.  Now I don't have any previous pictures as I hated having my photo taken but at my biggest I was a UK size 20.  I am now a size 16.

I haven't really taken full body selfies since I was 16 years old but I am now finding the confidence its becoming a regular thing. So I share with you my progress so far.

I was absolutely crapping myself about putting this on Facebook as a girl who has been overweight for a very long time i just kept thinking of the phrase "Dress for the figure you have not the one you want" like someone would apply that to me but I've been blown over by the support from friends and acquaintances and am now feeling determined to continue on my health journey.

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