Monday, 10 August 2015

Maybelline Lash sensational mascara review

So today I embarked on a trip to find myself a new mascara as my old ones had dried up.  On the recommendation of a friend i decided to try Maybelline Lash sensational.

The first thing I really like about this is the brush, the angle is great for catching the lashes and covers in a decent amount of mascara, the angle of the brush also means less mess and mistakes.

This mascara has fantastic thickening and lengthening qualities, I have very short blond eyelashes so finding a decent mascara is super important for me.  What I did notice though is that is is a little clumpy if too much is applied but I'm blaming this on the fact I brought the waterproof version.

Another thing, and this is because it is waterproof, is that is can be quite difficult to wash off even with make up remover (I personally massage the eyelashes with a teeny bit of baby oil when im in the bath to help remove waterproof make up products.)  however a result this does have fantastic staying power and will not fall off or flake through out the day.

These mascaras retail for around £7.99 in UK boots stores.

So far this is the best mascara I have yet to find but would like to try out the non waterproof on.  What are your favorite mascaras at the moment and what would you recommend?  What do you think of the Lash sensational range?

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