Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Living Life With Anxiety

Something a little different today staying away from usual topics but I  have decided to write something which effects me quite strongly and I know a lot of people suffer with it too.  Anxiety.

Anxiety can strike people in many ways. It can be a permanent part of your life, a side effect of other disorders or it can be a temporary phase in your life caused by events and situations that frighten you or make you uneasy.  Either way you deserve to be taken seriously.  

My Life With Anxiety

For me, the first time I remember suffering from Anxiety was in school.  At first it was triggered by worrying about lessons with teachers I didn't like and struggling at topics I wasn't so good at.  It them became about not being able to do presentations, worrying about getting to lessons on time and doing homework.  I remember waking up in the mornings often feeling sick and nervous, sometimes this would start in the night or the day before.  Sometimes I wouldn't be able to even make it out the door for having panic attacks, although I didn't know that's what they were at the time

As I got older the way my anxiety manifested itself changed.  I always was quick to get nervous but as I got older I got a little more confident but always seemed to have a feeling of impending doom.  I have a wonderful habit of making situations up in my head that will happen if i do certain things.  Axiety attacks can range from pins and needles, anger, and difficulty breathing.  It really is hard to tell whats going on sometimes.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can happen differently in different people.  Some people feel like they are having a heart attack, some say its more like a stroke. You may not realise strait away what is happening.  Here are some symptoms of panic attacks.

♦Trouble breathing♦Trouble talking♦Sweating♦trembling♦Dizzyness♦Chest pains♦Sickness♦Chocking♦Pins and Needles♦Hot or Cold feeling♦cramps♦Strong feeling of fear♦♦♦♦♦♦

Worrying and Bad Feelings

People with anxiety tend to worry constantly.  Things that are normal for most people can become challenging for others.  For example going to the shops.  Most normal people find this no problem at all but for someone like myself this can be a huge task.  Sometimes just making it to the shops is hard because the thought of leaving the house becomes scary.  I just think something bad is going to happen.  Things like:

my card will be declined in front of a busy shop full of people.
My daughter will run out in the road.
my shopping bag will split and go everywhere
my pushchair will roll away
I'll see someone who doesn't like me
I'll fall over.
I'll do something wrong and get shouted at.

Those are just some examples of what might

Ofcourse all the things above are unreasonable and almost certainly will NOT happen but these fears can become very real and stop me leaving the house.  People with anxiety will also have worries.

Worrying about money problems that don't necessarily exist.
worrying about a job
worrying about family
thinking about possible illnesses
worrying about medication side effects
finding it hard to make phone calls
finding it hard to attend appointments and meetings
being afraid to do things you want to do and might enjoy like driving, meeting new people, getting a tattoo or going somewhere new.

Anxiety can strike anywhere, I often have them when I go into a hospital building because of a bad experience in a hospital  but they can also strike in familiar and happy places.  Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and remember it is quite common.  More people suffer from it than you may think.

What can you do about it?

Go to your doctor if you think you may be suffering with Anxiety your never to young as I said before school can be a huge factor in causing anxiety.  Get help as there are plenty of things that can be done for you.  Ongoing untreated anxiety or anxiety that is not understood can go on to lead to depression and that is why it is important you get help confronting the illness.

Ways of coping with Anxiety.

Anxiety can keep you up at night so make sure you try your best to get a good night sleep. Make sure when you go to bed you are not hungry or thirsty, great excuse to have warm milk and cookies!

Before bed try reading a book, listening to music or winding down with an adult colouring book.  Avoid sitting up late on a computer, games console or mobile phone as the blue light from these things can actually keep you awake longer. 

If you are worried about homework, appointments, work commitments and other things go out and do some stationary shopping! Buy yourself a cool diary and planner to help you keep track. and besides stationary is proven to give you a feel good feeling...even if it is false productivity :)

Exercise and eat well.  I know that sounds cliche but exercising is proven to product chemicals in the brain known to help fight depression and anxiety. So keep busy and keep your mind active.

Find a space, it might be your bedroom, office or bathroom, just find a space that allows you to relax, keep it tidy as clean room means a clean mind.  Buy some candles and good incense sticks and some scents are thought to help with relaxation like lavender for example.

Connect with nature.  Take a walk to your nearest park or woodland and just take in the sights, smells and sounds, this can be very relaxing and invigorating.  its also a good excuse to get outdoors and stop being a hermit.  Baby steps at a time  A few steps outside the house to a quiet place could lead to bigger and  better things.

Talk about it and tell people how you are feeling.  You might be surprised at how many want to help or even feel the same. Anxiety does not make you week and is not something to be ashamed of.

Do you suffer or have you suffered from anxiety in the past? Scare your experiences and talk about it below :)

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