Monday, 3 August 2015

Gender stereotypes: Little girls and little boys will wear and play with what they damn well want and not what they are forced to.

So this rant was wholly inspired by the probably well meaning but irritating and teeny bit sexist lady who spoke to me in the bank today whilst I was with my friend.

"It's lovely to see a little girl dressed in a girly dress and not looking boystrous in jeans, but that is just my opinion"

So firstly I recognize that its a compliment she is trying to give to my child and it was meant in good will, but its rude.  Its rude to my friends child next to me who is wearing trousers.  Its rude to my child who was yesterday wearing jeans and a marvel comics T shirt, its rude to the woman who fought for our rights to be boyish and wear what we want and do what the big men do.  My child is far from delicate and dainty.

So of course I just gave her that sarcastic smile that just says "lady please stop talking, I do not agree" Then 10 minutes alter my friend through of all the clever things we could have said to the lady who herself was wearing jeans and a grey t shirt.  The audacity of SUCH a hypocrite.

Firstly my child would be one of those children she oh so disproves of because she rarely wears a dress.  Mainly because we live in fucking England were the weather is shit and we cant all run around in dresses like the hills are alive with music, quite frankly. Secondly my child climbs things, plays foot ball among other things and dress is not appropriate attire.  Obviously.  What does she think we just own dresses?

At the end of the day a little girl who wears dresses and is dainty and twee is no more better or proper than the little girl who wears jeans and likes "boy" things.  I remember as a kid my favorite top was a fat willies surf top in rainbow colours and my favorite toy was my brothers Allen Sheera doll In his Newcastle UFC kit.

And a little boy who plays football is no better than the little boy who dressed at queen elsa today at fact its probably the same child.


Because the fact is children should be allowed to wear what they pleased.  Letting your little boy put on mums shoes will not turn him gay just as letting a little girl play football wont either.  That is already pre-determined.  Children have no concept of Gender and therefore should not be told they can't do something because that.

If you still trying to understand that concept here is a little diagram that might help you to understand.

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