Friday, 14 August 2015

dramatic brown make up tutorial

A matte brown smokey eye with an eyeliner twist for a little added drama! If you like this look and want to try it out for yourself keep reading to find out how :)

Step 1.

Highlight under the brow, inner corner of they eye and along the eyelid with a vanilla or white colour.  Remember dampening the brush can help for a stronger colour.

Step 2

Put a medium shade of warm brown into the eye crease and blend up to the brow bone and blend it into the white at the top.

step 3.

Next add dark brown into the crease, outer corner and blend into the white on the eyelid,  Also take your dark brown and brush it along the bottom of your eye careful not to go to far along as you need to make sure your white inner corner is clearly defined.

Step 4

Add black into the outer corner and crease,  Blend in with the dark brown and add a little bit to the underneath of the eye.

Step 5

Finish off with winged eyeliner on the top lid.  Carefully line the bottom lashes and bring a gentle flick into the inner corner of the eye into the white shadow.
Fill in the lash line with black liner and add mascara.

Let me know how this look turned out for you and if you took a picture please send the link in the comments bellow and I promise to check it out.

ta ta! x

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  1. That turned out brilliantly! And I love how simple the steps are too and you did a great job explaining it so eyeshadows novice like me can follow.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity