Saturday, 8 August 2015

AVON Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick review

I recently purchased a little Avon haul and some of the products I really loved and some of them I really didn't so I have decided to review them separately.

One of the bits I was most exited about were these matte lipsticks as this summer its been all about big bold lips and a matte lipstick is a must have. (Will be doing a plumper lips tutorial soon)

First thing I noticed was the difference in quality between each shade.  Blossom is definitely more of a satin shade than a true matte as it does have a slight shine to it and feels a little more oily on the lips than the ruby shade which is my favorite, it has a delicate pigment which is fantastic for natural and pastel looks but will need topping up regularly I did notice.

The Ruby shade is a beautiful pinkish soft red matte with good staying power.  This is a lovely lipstick for over lining the lips and making them look bigger and creating new shapes.  Because of its soft delicate shade I think it would be good for people who are not used to wearing bright in your face reds.  This is a good red for starters.

both lipsticks have luxurious light creamy textures and are easy to wear. My lips were left feeling soft and conditioned after wearing which I was pleased with as many matte lipsticks can have a very drying effect on the lips leaving them chapped but these do not do that.

Over all I am pleased with these lipsticks and will look to buy the peach and berry shade in the future.

What Avon products have you tried recently? Did you like them? What are your recommended lipsticks? Drop your input in the comments below :)

Bye for now! X

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