Monday, 27 July 2015

Today's look, facing insecurities and self acceptance.

I think it was on the shores of Skegness Beach at the age of about 7 that I first met one of my greatest body insecurities.  My mum paid for my brother and I to be sat down and have one of those funny caricature drawings drawn up of us.  I'm not sure if you are familiar with them but its basically a cartoon picture with your features exaggerated for humor.

Well I didn't find it very funny, but then I was a rubbish kid.

The fact was the artist drew my forehead really huge, something I never noticed until this guy illustrated it,  Happily I don't have the picture any more, I'm pretty sure I cried for a long time for my mum to take it down from its prized place in the living room and I only hope it ended up in the trash, the evil thing, but basically the guy drew my forehead bigger than the rest of my ENTIRE face and all my facial features at the bottom all bunched up.  terrible.

and then of-course there is my weight but that's self explanatory.

So for years I spent a long time being conscious about my forehead,  I never wore the front of my hair tied back and once I was old enough to decide on my own hair cut I opened with a side fringe and stayed that way ever since.

However the other day a friend of mine came over wearing really pretty boho style head jewelry and a crop top with floaty trousers, I thought she looked so nice and I felt sad because I'm a big girl I cant wear crop tops and because I have that huge forehead a middle parting with head jewelry is a massive NO.

But then I thought what the hell and did it anyway.

I decided to buy and wear a short top and a head band and go out and meet new people.

Heres my outfit

And here is my completed hair and make up

And in doing this I learnt that the best way to overcome your insecurities is to confront them and dress them up and suddenly they might go away for a while.  What ever you think your insecurity stops you from doing take it, and go and do it anyway. I found a good way to confront my bigger body was to stop getting upset that I cant wear certain clothes and find ways buy them anyway and make it work for me.

We all  have little things "wrong" with us and bits we don't like but life is to short to worry about them and some things we just can't change.
Tell me in the comments when you first became self conscious about something, what was it and what inspires you to face it and helps you worry about it less?


  1. *Stands up and claps* You are damn freaking beautiful girl and you own it with fierceness! You inspire me so thank you for being you Faye! <3

  2. You look absolutely stunning here :)