Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Summer Bucket list

So I write this latest post from the comfort of my living room, its half 9 in the evening here at this current moment and both the children are sleeping.  Yes both of them I had another one he is 4 weeks old now hence the lack of posting of late.  Having a new baby can take up a lot of time and this got me thinking I need to perhaps write a list of things to do before the summer is up as to make sure we all spend the time left wisely.
Last years summer rambling

So here are my summer listings, I hope a few of these can inspire you to get out and enjoy the good weather too.

Enjoy evenings under the Gazebo with my husband and a drink
carry my camera around and take as many Photographs as I can
Have a picnic at the local Gardens
Have a night out and dress up.
Go out to dinner with a friend
Meet up with more mum friends
Meet up with regular friends
Get pampered
Buy at least one new item of clothing or jewelry each week.
Visit the beach and have ice cream or doughnuts
Start new projects
Finish daughters bedroom decorating.
Start saving for holiday.
Begin to plan Violets birthday party
Brows boutique shops for house inspiration
These are all I can think of for now I am sure more will pop into my head as I go along. Hopefully I can do as many of these as possible before the season is over.


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