Friday, 31 July 2015

small bits and bobs update and Charlie is 8 weeks old today!

A lack of blogging due to the fact I've been super busy.  I've had people over and had appointments left right and center so not had a chance to just sit down.

 Firstly Charlie has reached 8 weeks and its gone so quickly!  He makes little baby talking noises now and is almost grown out of his newborn clothes!  His eyes are probably going to be bright blue like daddies and his hair (what he has got) is looking dark.  I really hope its going to be curly.  The best bit is he only wakes up once in the night now. Yessssssssssssssssss!

Oh wednesday Phil and I went out on a little date but I couldn't take any pictures because I left my phone at home but had a game of mini golf down the seafront and had burger and chips on the beach...because you know, romance isn't dead or anything haha :)

The other day we went down to the seaside to fly a kite, neither Phil or I had flown a kite in years, it was hilarious and probably almost dangerous.
Today Violet and I painted some little pots and heart shaped box's which are rather snazzy
I also went to a friends for tea and to try out some of her friends forever living products wich for some reason just didn't sit right with me and one of the face creams have caused me to have an oh so wonderful spot break out so I wont even bother trying again or reviewing.  But it was fun to see new people and have a few hours with grown up company.

Hopefully in future on further outings I wont forget to take my proper camera out with me!
Thanks for reading and tell me what you have been up to in your spare time! xxx

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