Saturday, 25 July 2015

MUA make up Romantic Efflorescence pallet review with blush and lipstick

I have this tiring problem of a particular 4 year old who likes to keep getting into my make up drawer and using my red lipstick as face paint so I decided to grab a cheep lipstick, this is where i found myself perusing the MUA counter.  I must firstly say that I love the packaging and it has that look of a more expensive brand despite being probably the cheapest.

Their lipsticks are £1 each as is the blush.  They have a selection of eyeshadow pallets for only £4 and for that price you really do have nothing to lose so I thought I would try them out.

I couldn't decide on a red lipstick so I chose two shades. Shade 13- A true red and Shade 10 a cherry red.  Please forgive me I have temporarily lost the darker cherry shade but will put up pictures once I find it.
I also grabbed the blush in shade 1 wich is a rosy pink.

and the Romantic Efflourescence pallet which contains a mixture of pearly and matt shades of browns including a deep crimson purple shade, a silvery grey, gold and matt black.

All this range can be purchased from Superdrug stores.
The lipstick and blush
Firstly lets talk about the lipsticks as this is what I actually went to buy and was most impressed with.  The formula for these is nice and creamy without being too oily or sticky.  The colour pay off on the lips is incredible for such a cheep product and the staying power is fairly average and wheel need regular topping up but for £1 who is really complaining?  I really cannot find any draw back to these products and they did not dry out my lips either.

The blush is pretty standard, it has a good amount of colour pay off so be careful not to put too much on and risk looking like a clown.

The eyeshadow pallet

So this is something I hadn't planned on buying but for £4 I had to try it out.  I picked the Romantic pallet because I am a huge lover of neutrals and smokey brows which this has but I also loved the extra shades that came with it wich are the bronzes, the deep purply colour and the silver.

The first thing I notice about this product is that for some of the shadows the colour pay off is not as strong and I wished it was, the black is particularly disappointing so if you are looking for a strong smokey look I would avoid this pallet but if something more subtle and natural is your thing, this is perfect.  Over all in my opinion it is well worth the investment.

These shades are long lasting and do not bunch up in the eye creases meaning you wont have to top it up through out the day and there is very little fall out from the product meaning minimal clean up when applying however I did notice each colour varies very much in quality, some are easier to use than others.

Over all for £4 I feel this pallet would make a good staple in a first make up bag or is suitable for work and school.  However if you are looking for something a little more smokey with more colour pay off I would recommend paying that little bit more and opting for the very similar Sleek brand eyeshaddow pallets.

Here is a look I created with all the make up reviewed above using the lighter lipstick.

Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you think of this range! x


  1. Oh Faye that eyeshadow palette looks amazing! Those mauve/purple toned shades are right up my street! May pop over to the website and add it to my cart!! x

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes xx

    1. I am definitely amazed by the quality of these products for how cheep they are, I would recommend grabbing some and trying them for yourself!