Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Make up Tutorial: Twilight Blue Eyes

This is going to be my first make up tutorial so bare with me.  I have decided not to list the colours I have used because they are all generic drug store products and I also know that a lot of people wont have the exact same brand as I do so it seems pointless but I will describe each colour as clearly as I can.

This look is for an electric blue eye teamed with warm shades of tans and brown.  I think blue eye shaddow can be very challenging as done wrong it could end up looking like a terrible 1980's throw back.  I feel with this subtle pop of blue and casual brows however its the perfect amount of colour to be worn both for an evening out and a casual day look.

Step one, prime your eyes and then apply a light tan brown from the eye crease to the brow bone making sure it is well blended.

Now take a slighty darker brown and blend that into they eye crease and then blend it up towards the brown bone into the previous tan colour.

Now add the last and darkest shade of brown into the eye crease making sure to keep the eyelid clean.  if your going for more dramatic look you could add black to the outer corner but I'm keeping this light.

Pack on a deep electric blue shade onto the eye lid and under the eye.  To get a brighter colour pay off make the brush slightly wet and apply damp powder strait onto the skin.  Powders are more pigmented when applied with a damp brush.

Now add a satin/shimmer white into the inner corner of the eye blend into the blue.

Lastly add a small flick of liquid eyeliner, mascara to the top and bottom lashes and eyeliner along the upper and lower waterlines.

I teamed this look with pale and subtle,contouring and a nude lip as I feel any colour would be far too much.  I think it looks best with black clothing for an evening out :)
Let me know in the comments section how this turned out for you and if you have tried it out leave a link to a picture and I will be sure to check it out.

Adios! xxx

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  1. Oooo you totally did that blue justice! It looks cool and kind of gothic with the orange and your hair!