Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Crazy Colour fire review and how to dye hair red.


Yay another product Review!  Now I am a person who changed my hair colour a lot, I am a huge lover of these semi perminant dyes as they give me the option to do that without damaging my hair however this one struct me as particularly odd.

I don't think its very red.  Its very pink though.

This is the Colour the dye left my hair, now this was put over faded XXL Red Passion however I can assure you over bleached blond hair it will go the same shade of pinky red so if you are looking for a true red I would recommend placing this over a more ginger color of hair.

 I think this particular dye makes good for a correction dye if you have made that awful bleached orange dye mistake and need a quick fix to cover over it.

  1. First of all I have always been a big fan of crazy colour dyes, the texture is great and it is easy to brush through hair making very little mess
  2. Becuase it is easy to brush through and is applied to DAMP hair I feel like a little goes a long way, I use half a bottle on my (real) shoulder length hair.
  3. bright long lasting colour
  4. Removed easily using high street brand hair stripper colour B4 dispite saying it doesn't work on semi permanent this makes it easy to remove if you do not like it.
  5. This stuff WILL NOT damage your hair!! Wooo!

Now onto the how to get red hair.

  1. Make sure your hair has a light blond or ginger base to get the best out of this dye.  Dyeing over dark hair will produce a darker result or even just sheen of colour.
  2. Wash hair with shampoo if you wish. use warm water to prepare hair for dying.  
  3. Do NOT use conditioner as this will stop the hair soaking up the dye.
  4. towel dry hair so it is damp but not dry
  5. apply dye strait from bottle,  please for the love of god put gloves on.
  6. I would recommend brushing or combing through to ensure even results.
  7. Leave for desired amount of time, you could sleep with this stuff on if you really wanted.  there is no maximum time and it will not damage your hair.
  8. wash off and now use conditioner.
  9. Blow dry, style, ta da, your hair is red!

Tip: I would recommend investing in some dry shampoo to reduce amount of washes and therefor allowing the colour to stay vibrant for longer.

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