Saturday, 4 April 2015

HOW TO: dye hair dark grey or silver

Advice on how to dye your hair dark grey and what products to use.

With Buzzfeed posting articles such as this Grey hair trend it would be no suprise to me if this was the next new hair trend this summer, remember that summer everyone had "Rihanna red" hair?

Having just done this myself I thought I would post about my grey hair dye experience on my own blog as there seems to be very little advice on what to do and what brands of die to buy.

Lets crack on.

Firstly consider what shade of dye you want, if you find yourself here your probably after something dark, like a gun metal or a steel grey like these examples.

I searched Far and wide for quite a while, it seems hard to find a dye dark enough for the look I wanted and at first I thought one probably didn't exist but in the end the product I chose to try and achieve these results was Nirval Professional ArtX in the shade Grey.  I could not find any reviews for this product or examples of the product used as it is without diluting with conditioner it to make it lighter silver. Soooooo I did one of my own.

So what do you need to know about this product?

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  • Its quite big.  At 200ml you get a lot of dye for your money and it is by far the biggest bottle of dye I have been able to purchase so its good value.  As you may be able to tell from the picture above the bottle is roughly the same size as that of a good sized bottle of shampoo.
  • A little goes a long way. 1 bottle did all my extensions and I used around a quarter on my shoulder length hair.  It is also a nice easy thickness to spread through hair, it reminded me of a thick conditioner.
  • Leave on a little longer than it says, I found it stuck better and lasted longer if i left it on around 30 minutes.
  • Ideally needs to be used on bleached hair, your hair doesn't have to be white but if it is ginger or to brassy it won't leave a nice result.
  • It has a plum/purplish undertone to eliminate any green shine, but do be prepared for a little plumb colour shine. 
  • The colour lasts really well in my opinion.  if your hair is very dry it will wash out quicker.  In the end when I wanted a change I did have to bleach a little of this out nearer the top were it just refused to budge.  over all I would say it has a brilliant lasting time,
  • Can be mixed with conditioner to make a lighter more silver dye.

Dyeing your hair...

This is the colour my hair started off at, yours ideally, will need to be similar.

This product has to be applied to clean pre-washed hair.   Wash your hair with your normal shampoo but do NOT use conditioner as this can stop the dye from sticking.

You might want to put some sort of cream or Vaseline around your ears, neck and edge of your face to avoid staining your skin.

Apply the dye to damp towel dried hair. Cover the hair thoroughly as you would with any other dye.  Id recommend combing it through to make sure its nice and even.

Leave the dye on for as long as you like, Unlike box or mixed dyes this won't ruin your hair I promise!

wash off and condition your hair, dry, style and your done!

This was the finished result on my own hair and hair extensions.

I hope this helped someone, I was really impressed with this dye over all, its good value for money in my opinion, it lasts quite well and fades nicely to a silver, there is no green or blue tint to it at all.  I think this may be one of the darkest grey products you can find on the market at the moment but if you know of another let me know.

Happy Hair Dyeing!


  1. Hey! I am wondering do u dilute it with conditioner?
    Its a very strange dark grey result.. can it be more like silver light?? <3
    Btw, vrey helpful and complete post about nirvel artx!!!

    1. Hi Dina, thank you for your comment! No I did not dilute this dye I used it strait as I wanted a very dark result however I believe it would be possible to achieve a lighter result if you did dilute it. This sort of dye can be mixed with conditioner and I have heard of people doing it before but I'm not sure how much conditioner you would have to use to achieve a silver look. If I had to hazard a guess I would try a mix of half and half. xxx

  2. Hi,

    The link for your before picture doesn't work. Was your hair bleached blonde prior to adding the gray?

    Thanks Much :-)

    1. thank you for letting me know something had gone wrong working to fix it now :) yes it was bleached x

  3. Do you have any pictures from when it faded? Did you tone your bleached hair before applying the color?

  4. omg!
    as i currently have blueish silver, i was on a constant look for a dark grey colour for a change and came across this product in an online shop and could not find too many reviews and this helped a lot and the colour is sooo gorgeous, exactly what i want! thanks so much for this post!

  5. Thank you for your review and pictures! I've been having trouble finding a nice dark grey!! Your hair turned out beautifully!

  6. Hi, Thanks for all your help, I have purchased this product and cant wait to try it!

  7. Beautiful color! Do you remember how long you left it in your hair?

    1. I was rather hard to upkeep, needed touching up every 10 days or so.

  8. Hi Do I have to bleach my hair before changing the color to dark grey ? i have very dark black natural hair

    1. Your hair does need to be bright blond before applying colour, bleached hair works best

  9. Hi there. Brilliant result. I would like to ask you does it fade out to that blonde you started with? If yes how long does it take? Or you will always see some greyish tones in the hair? I only know it's non permanent. I have blonde hair and would like to try this one but also want to get my blonde hair back. Do you think it is possible?

  10. How long did it last on your hair?

  11. How long did it last on your hair?

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  13. Hi this is a very late question
    I lightened my hairto where it had little to no brassy tone and used ion brilliance titanium. My hair is a very light silvery blue and i would like it much darker, would i have to strip my hair again to the blonde or could i apply it to my now silver hair?

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