Saturday, 28 February 2015

Pregnancy woes and a not so chirpy Bio Oil review.

Back when I fell pregnant for the first time I remember being hit with the sudden panic of what my body would be left looking like after I had the baby.  I'm sure many woman out there fear the dreaded stretch marks, whether from general growth, pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, we all have them somewhere.

At that time Bio-Oil was the new amazing product to hit the market with promises of even skin tone, faded scars and lightened stretch marks.  Naturally I was instantly intrigued by this new wonder product and convinced from all the *before and after* pictures posted by happy users I sent my husband out to buy me a bottle.  For reasons I could not remember towards the end of the pregnancy I just gave up with this.  Now in the full throws of my second (27 weeks) I can now remember why.

Now this pregnancy has been a hormonal roller coaster plagued with every complaint going, One of those being extremely dry itchy skin (and  butt load of new stretchmarks). I decided to give this stuff another go.

It didn't ease the itching and it didn't moisturize my skin.  In fact I found myself laying in the bath one night after trying direct skin application and dropping it into the bath googling to find out if anyone had an experience were it had made it worse.  Behold I was not alone.  At first it really seemed to be helping but after just over a week everything got worse and I had to discontinue use.

Non of my scars, stretchmarks or blemishes changed. All those pictures were too good to be true.  Story of my life, Perhaps I don't have the skin type it works on or something but nothing changed for me. If anything I noticed myself having breakouts that I never usually suffer with

It did however, for some reason work wonders on my hair. Of all things amazingly.  After dropping the oil in my bath I noticed it didn't leave my hair overly greasy on the lazy days I just really didn't give a damn and dunked my whole head in the oily bath water.  My hair actually seemed to be revived and moisturized which is really quite strange.

Over all I have to say in my opinion this product was really over hyped and I am convinced if you searched hard enough you will find cheeper alternative brands that offer much more than this can.  I'm also pretty dubious about the various ingredients in this as when you research it they really don't seem like much more than synthetic rubbish causing more harm than good but what do I know?

This isn't a product I will be reaching for anytime soon but it has inspires me to check out other oils, perhaps more natural ones.

Other skin products I love right now;

Aveeno Moisturiser

T zone face cleanser

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