Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Treacle Moon Bath and Shower Gel Review

My husband and I first stumbled across this product whilst browsing the bubble bath section in our local Tesco Supermarket.  It was hard to miss the bright colorful packaging as it really stands out on the shelves.  Each one is clearly labeled and the liquid inside is colored according to fragrance and retail at around £2.49 or sometimes 2 for £4
Once spotting these the second thing that will hit you is how amazing this product smells.  There are a wide range of smells to choose form so there is something for everyone from super sweet, spicy, fruity and creamy.

The smells I have as pictured above are the Sweet Blackberry memories (Limited Edition) and the Sweet Sugared Almond.  The blackberry smell is kind of jammy and for some reason reminds me a little of a sweet mulled wine, it has a warming smell and is perfect for the colder season.  The almond smell is just amazing and resembles marzipan.

Another scent I absolutely adored was the Dusted Cocoa, for ages now I have been searching for a chocolate bubble bath since Avon discontinued theirs years ago and this was perfect.  It truly makes your bath smell like a great big pool of hot chocolate.

Now If I am completely honest apart from the smells and the amount of bubbles they create, I don't love these.  My husband absolutely raves over them so they will probably be a staple in my bathroom from now on.  To explain best what Ithink about this product and what I really hate about it I thought it would easier to break it down into a list of pros on and cons.

So here we go lets start with the Pros:

  • Attractive and eye catching packaging, looks amazing in your bathroom!It is clearly labeled and has a good brand uniformity.
  • Smells are pretty much perfect and smell exactly how you think they should
  • Can be used as a shower gel or a bubble bath.
  • Thick gel so you don't have to use a lot.  Lasts ages
  • produces a really good amount of bubbles when used as a bubble bath, in fact it is one of the best I have ever used! Again, means it lasts.

Now down with the bits I don't like so much, the cons:

  • If you use this as a bubble bath avoid putting your hair in the water, my hair does not like this product at all. It rips my hair to shreds. 
  • My husband never had an issue but my skin was dry after continuous use. Be careful if you have sensitive skin or use on children, in fact I wouldn't overly recommend it as it left my skin feeling quite tight and irritated
  • I think the little paragraphs on the packaging are a little annoying.  The packaging is very feminine and cutesy and a bit too twee.  I think it is definitely more marketed towards woman which seems silly when a lot of the people who i know who seem to really enjoy these are men.
  • The product contains no "extracts of".  It is literally perfume and coloring. Nothing fancy. Hence why it doesn't agree with me personally.
Over all I think this is a product my husband will continue to enjoy, myself? Not so much. The smells and the amount of bubbles you get, in my opinion could out way any of the cons.  It is my husbands favorite bath product at the moment and I think it is actually a product that is perfectly suited to men too.  Over all I think this product would be more apt found lurking among the shelves of those pound shops and bargain stores.  The overall product is cheep and I think it tries to pose as something it isn't.  My advice? Stick to your usual bubble bath or go for something a bit more lux.


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  1. Where can I buy it from as can never get from tescos or sainsbury as I used to