Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fail Cake!

*Recipe for perfect vanilla gient cupcake at the end of post.

Let me tell you something about myself.  I am one those those terrible, TERRIBLE stupid people who look at something and think, Hey, I can do that.  It is a level of Ego that sometimes may prevent me from seeing the effort, talent and patience that can go into curtain things.  So one day I'm browsing through TK Maxx (oh how I love TK maxx) and I stumble upon one of those giant cupcake mould's on the sale shelf.  Now my husband is a chef with a specific love for deserts and I thought it would be something cool we could do together.  
By together I mean I ask really obvious questions and basically stand, watch and lick the spatula. 

So we were just trying it out and BAM!, a delicious moist vanilla sponge of fluffy goodness.  Well let's face it a sponge cake isn't really hard to make.  Is it?

And yes that cake is sprayed gold for some absurd reason.

So where does the title of Fail cake come in I hear you ask?  Well let me tell you.  At my friends baby shower, that's where.

So I decided to take the on the task of making my friends baby shower cake all by myself, with no previous experience of baking a cake I set to my friends house with my ingredients, some strong confidence and a bottle of blue food colouring.  Her baby was a girl but its all I had the cupboard okay?  Non conformist gender rolls YAY!!!  Anyway, this was the masterpiece I whipped up.

I'm not even sure why I bothered to ice it, surely I would have known at the time that I couldn't patch up this disaster, what ever the reason I'm glad I did because it adds to the hilarity. The perfect cake for the celebration of a bouncing baby girl.

 Yes I did present this to the guests. #Itriedandtherefornoonecancritersizeme

So despite all the odds, and having seen the marvelous blue concoction of death another friend asked for my assistance in the making of her mums birthday cake and being the good Samaritan I am could not turn down to the task of helping a friend. And alas, this is the story of how I learned to bake a giant cupcake.

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