Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Beachcombing on east beach.

I Don't know how popular the hobby of beachcombing is and I can guess its probably not really cool but what I can tell you is a very good place to go and do it.

Of all the top ten lists and travelers guides to coastlines I have read would make it seem that a good beachcombing walk may be something you would need to travel for however this little find right on my doorstep leads me to believe otherwise.  Shoeburyness beach is not the most attractive places and being just over 3 miles away from the more popular Southend beaches it isn't going to be making anyone's holiday recommendations anytime soon, however for people who live locally this rocky, stretch of sand littered with bricks can serve and interesting purpose.

When I was a kid my mom would insist, regardless of weather, that we wrapped up warm, got on the bus and went to walk down Shoebury east beach, something about evening sea air being good for you? My mum talking to an elderly couple who were collecting bits and pieces of the beach and they showed us all these pieces of china they had found and the old man told us that there used to be a Victorian Rubbish dump on the sight although I am unsure of any truth to that because I heard it was used to ship bricks made in the area to London but still that doesn't explain the vast amounts of pottery found on the beach.  I wondered if maybe the bits of pottery washed up on the sure from factories in London but there seems to be none washed up on neighboring beaches.  So I am clueless as to where it all comes from.

I also remember the old man telling us that if we looked hard enough we might find some fully intact Victorian bottles, I did in fact find a few of these, 3 in fact but I don't seem to have any photographs anymore and they are incredibly hard to find. I remember my mum making a beautiful side table from a £1 table she found in a charity shop and using all the pieces of china found on this beach to make a mosaic on top.

So In good family tradition I decided to take my own family down to beach to do our own bit of beachcombing.  We start at the end nearest the M.O.D centre.  You don't need to be an archaeologist to find anything of interest as most of it will be sitting on top of the sand after high tide.  To my annoyance my husband ventured off into the rocks and dig a little and managed to find an old ink bottle.

School ink bottle circa 1800s

 How do we even know its victorian?  Because some of has dates on it.

I guess this was some award winning Marmite in this bottle?
Finding an old picture of some people on the beach, on the beach, beachception!!!
Here is part of haul of all the other bits and pieces we found on the beach, I plan to get a mirror and make a mosaic frame out of all the pieces to put in my new house when I eventually find a house and get around to moving!  Oh and also, slightly unrelated I also found an octopus and before anyone gets upset, No I couldn't put it back in the sea the tide was out.

So once that project is finished I will upload it and hopefully it will look nice.  If anyone actually knows the story behind the all the broken pottery I would like to know!  One last family Photo on the beach :)

Have you found anything on the beach before or have a place were you like to find little treasures? Let me know in the comments!


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