Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Banger Racing!

Because we must point and get exited every time "best blue car"
drives past.
Gross picture. Yay!

I never really knew all that much about this place before my husband mentioned it to me but if you are looking for a good day out in Essex you might enjoy taking a trip down to Arena Essex Raceway.  if you have never been before I would recommend going when the championships are on as the Demolition at the end is better or they do good stunt shows with Monster trucks and things.  Fireworks night is also a good night to go.
So we packed a picnic and headed down on Violets request as she wanted to see the race cars.  She is obsessed with cars, and racing so it only makes sense.  Regardless of whether a car is first or dead last, if its blue, then that's the car Violets cheering for.  Unless of course you decorate your car to look like Lightening Mcqueen.  Lightening Mcqueen is real, we have seen it with our own eyes. Photo evidence is of course at hand.

No one actually got hurt, just i ncase you were wondering.
Other things kids (and adults alike) enjoy, obviously are good crashes and the occasional fire.  Always exiting.
Pointing out as well that some of the kids in the junior races are as young as 11 which is just amazing the way they drive.

So if you ask Violet at the moment what she wants to be the answer will be a racing driver, also if you own a car and drive it in the eyes of a child you are also a racing driver,  You go Glen Coco!


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